Grade 6
•  Be sure to study pp. 82-85. We will  continue review and clarify doubts you  still might have on Monday, June 4, 2018.  You should know how to use verb gustar to say what people like and dislike. You should also be able to use pronouns with this verb
     A el le gusta bailar.
    No le gusta nadar.

    Le gustan los videojuegos.
    No le gustan los libros de horror.

Me gustan los festivals.          Nos gusta el baile.

Le gusta la fruta.                   Les gustan la pizza.

Te gusta el helado.

   Due: Monday, June 4, 2018 -  Continue review of pp. 82-85.

IMP: Be prepared for oral quiz on Friday, June 8, 2018.
         Due: Friday, June 8, 2018 - Oral Quiz                              


• Continue studying verb gustar. By now you should be able to     write sentences in plural and singular form using verb gustar.      
    Ex: Me gusta la pizza.
          Me gustan los videojugos.

  Continue studying pp. 62-69. Remember to practice using verb     ser  (to be) with adjectives, and gender and adjective     agreement.  Continue studying the descriptive words.
    Ex: Carlos es pelirrojo.
           Lola y Juan son delgados.
           Jenny y Taylor son bonitas.
          Yo soy inteligente. (I'm intelligent.)
           Nosotras somos bonitas. (We are beautiful.) 
           Nosotros somos guapos. (We are handsome.)

Continue studying:
  how to write dates and time in words
           Ex. 14/02/2017 --> Es el catorce de febrero de dos mil diecisiete.

           Es la una y media de la tarde.     1:30 P.M.    
           Son las tres y cuarto de la mañana.      3:15 A.M.               
         your Spanish A, B, C's.

 • Continue increasing your vocabulary by using "Alan's technique (from FluentU
      -  Before you go into the shower, identify 5 words that you want to learn.
      -  Create a sentence that links those 5 words.
      -  The sentence doesn't have to make sense. It just has to be highly memorable.
      -  Keep repeating that sentence to yourself in the shower.
      -  See if you can remember it until you're done showering.


You'll find that the words are stuck in your head."