Grade 8

Continue  working on your second draft of your project.      
  Due on Monday, February 12, 2018

Project ¡A tu salud! 

  1. Name your resort and choose its location.

  2. Decide what features to highlight in your presentation. Describe the meals served and the activities offered, telling how each is beneficial to the participants.

  3. Write the script for the presentation. All group members proofread the script. Write a final draft and hand it in.

  4. While the scripts are corrected, you should prepare the slide show on the laptop. You may use background music or sound effects as long as it doesn’t render your speech inaudible.

  5.  Using the script you created, present your slide show to the class.



    Grading (100 points total)

    Content ……………………20

    Accuracy of written script … 20

    Creativity/Presentation …… 20

    Comprehensibility ………… 20

    Effort/Participation.................20                                                                                                                                                                                           20918g8

Remember to continue studying!

 •  Continue studying how to write dates and time
 in words
    Ex. 14/02/2017 --> Es el catorce de febrero de dos mil diecisiete.

       Es la una y media de la tarde.     1:30 P.M.    
       Son las tres y cuarto de la
mañana.      3:15 A.M.  

• Continue increasing your vocabulary by using "Alan's technique (from FluentU
      -  Before you go into the shower, identify 5 words that you want to learn.
      -  Create a sentence that links those 5 words.
      -  The sentence doesn't have to make sense. It just has to be highly memorable.
      -  Keep repeating that sentence to yourself in the shower.
      -  See if you can remember it until you're done showering.


You'll find that the words are stuck in your head."