After School


"As a parent with a full time job, I knew my child was safe after school and doing her homework with expert tutors... and having a bit of fun  with classmates. That is why I chose St. Mark School."


The St. Mark After School Program runs for the entire school year for students in Kindergarten through Grade 8.  It includes all full-day and half-day sessions with a few exceptions:  the first few early dismissal days at the beginning of the school year, the early dismissal days before Thanksgiving and Christmas, and the last day of school (early dismissal day).  The program does not run when school is not in session (i.e., snow days, emergency closings, vacations, holidays) and will not be held when school dismisses early due to weather or an emergency.  You will be kept informed throughout the school year if the program is cancelled for the afternoon.

The After School Program offers a wide variety of activities for your child, including a daily snack, play time, homework time and other special activities such as sports and arts and crafts.

Registration fee per child:  $25.00


1 child - $85 per week

       2 children - $140 per week

     3 children - $185 per week

       4+ children - $230 per week




For half-day sessions, when the children will be in the After School Program from 11:45 a.m. until 6 p.m., there will be an additional charge of:

1 child - $10.00
2 children - $15.00
3 children - $20.00
4+ children - $25.00



A $15 penalty fee will be charged if your child is picked up after 6 p.m. This fee will be due by the next payment period.  Payments are to be made each Friday to the school office.  You may send your payment in with your child. Checks should be payable to ST. MARK SCHOOL.  Please write “After School” on the notation. If paying in cash, please have exact change.  When there is no school on Friday, please make your payment on Thursday. If your child is absent on a Friday, please make payments when your child returns to school.  

Rules for After School

  1. Follow all Directions the first time

  2. Be Respectful of others, supplies and equipment

  3. Keep hands, feet and all body parts to yourselves

  4. Use appropriate language & manners

  5. Clean up after yourself (snack & toys) * you must be checked by an adult before leaving your space. This includes at snack and at pickup*

  6. Share

  7. No running or yelling

  8. No one should go anywhere without telling an adult

  9. Listen to instructions

  10. Tell the truth

  11. Cell phone and electronic devices may be used after homework is complete and may not be used outside or during play or homework time.

  12. Grades K-2 must be accompanied by an adult or staff member when using the bathroom or leaving the immediate proximity of ASP

  13. Always ask before going to the bathroom, getting a drink, etc.

  14. Never give up

  15. Work as a team

  16. Have FUN!


  1. Verbal Warning

  2. Time out (1 minute per age)

  3. Activity/equipment taken away

  4. Call home/talk to parent

  5. Possible Removal from after school

This year, there will be different consequences for aggressive behavior.

Aggressive behavior is defined as (but not limited to): Swearing, Physical contact, Threatening of any nature


  1. First offence- automatic time out

  2. Second offence – sent home

  3. Third offence - suspension from after school

  4. Fourth offence – possible removal from after school

*Please note these consequences DO carry over day to day